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Dermal Facial fillers

Facial fillers are used to reduce aging lines of expression or improve the appearance revitalizing the skin. They can restore the volume, improve the elasticity lost with time, smooth lines and imperfections that occur naturally with age. It is a natural way to improve your appearance.

Facial fillers are solutions administrated through a few tiny facial injections on the area to be treated (fill, shape or revitalize).

There are many types of implants available, manufactured with a wide variety of materials, allowing personalized treatment depending on the area treated, the skin type and the desired effect. Currently, the most widely used material is hyaluronic acid.



    ● Can be done in any season and in any skin type.

     ● It is quick and easy.

     ● For outpatient use, generally not requiring hospitalization.

     ● May require prior anesthesia.

     ● Immediate and lasting results: filling and invigorating effect on the skin.



The facial areas most often treated are:

• The deep wrinkles that run from the nose to the mouth corners (nasolabial folds)

• The lips (profiling, enhancement and volume)

• The cheeks and chin (shaping)

• The neckline and face (skin rejuvenation)

• The region between the eyebrows (glabella lines)


Risks/ preventive recommendations

Although the vast majority of fillers are safe and well tolerated, there may be some risks and complications related to the injection technique itself (bruising, slight swelling, pain, stiffness ...) and less frequently with the product.

Before treatment, patients should not take aspirin, steroids, or high doses of vitamin E, as these can cause bleeding or swelling at the injection site.

In general, there is no need to perform any pre allergy skin test.

After treatment, patients should not be exposed to intense heat (sun, solarium, laser or IPL).



The effect of facial fillers can be seen instantly, without changing the facial expression. Its effects are durable over time, and can be permanent or not depending on the injected solution used.

In some cases, the treatment can be a little painful and the patient may feel some discomfort. A cream for local anesthesia is often used. Another form of anesthesia is a dental block, used to numb the area when performing a lip augmentation.

In some situations, the injection of the fillers can be performed in combination with other medical procedures.


Useful products:

 K-vit cream and  Angioses eye contour gel may be used after filling to diminish bruising induced by injections. Hidraderm Hyal cream and Fillderma nano as well as one step are very useful to maintain the wrinkle filling.  


Information contained on this page in no case is intended to replace the information provided by your doctor individually. If in doubt, your doctor will provide the necessary clarifications. If you are thinking about having a cosmetic procedure, contact a specialist (dermatologist, plastic surgeon).

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