Hygiene and treatment of d andruff and flaking, seborrheic or hyper states and hair scalp . Indicated for hair with d andruff and grease.

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Dual Action Shampoo: grease and d andruff. Contains Piroctone Olamine providing the ultimate solution to d andruff and

oil, calms the itching sensation on the scalp and other areas like face and chest, at the same time cleans, softens and protects hair and scalp. The Piroctone Olamine is known for its bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties, showing a specific activity against Pityrosporum ovale, present in the skin and is associated with d andruff and scalp oil. The sebum regulating action is due to its content in Tioxolone and Hammamelis which by their presence in sulfur also has keratolytic and bacteriostatic properties. Panthenol can maintain optimum moisture in the hair, ensuring flexibility. Vitamin E protects hair keratin from oxidative damage and discoloration produced by the sun. Seskavel Oily-d andruff shampoo relieves itching, prevents irritation, flaking and grease. Maintains softness, shine and volume of the hair, leaving shiny, silky and easy to comb.

Piroctone olamine 0.3% 0.5% 5% Panthenol Hammamelis virginiana, Tioxolone.



Thoroughly cleanse and degrease the skin and protect sensitive areas. Next, apply the peel using gauze, beginning with resistant areas on the face and moving toward the most sensitive ones (forehead, cheeks, submaxillary region, chin, upper lip, and nose).

Allow to act for 5-10 minutes or until reaching the desired point, mild redness with no flaking. After this time, and to prevent the peel from continuing its actions and penetrating the skin, neutralize it by washing the area of application with abundant water. After the washing step, and to ensure complete neutralization, a coat of neutralizing lotion can be applied.

After applying the peel, areas that are warm to the touch or erythemas may appear. Should this occur, further neutralization is needed.

If the peel has been applied to more than three areas simultaneously, we recommend neutralizing them all.

Upon the application of the peel, a stinging sensation may be experienced by the patient, which will disappear in few minutes.

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