ARGIPEEL 100 ml - pH 2.5

ARGIPEEL 100 ml - pH 2.5

Sensitive skins intolerant to other peels for redefining the surface of the skin.

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Gel texture peel with flash effect. It moisturizes and brightens the skin instantly.

Arginine is an amino acid derived from the fermentation and purification of plant carbohydrates (sugar cane). It is a relatively large molecule and for that reason its penetration thorough the stratum corneum is very slow, hence there is no irritation. When used in combination with lactic acid it is possible to benefit from all the properties of the alpha hydroxy acids (exfoliation, increased cell turnover, improved skin firmness, reduced hyperpigmentations ...), but with no itching stinging, or burning sensations.


20% Arginine.

20% Lactic acid.


Aloe vera.



After cleaning, degreasing and protecting sensitive areas, apply the peeling in the area and leave for 10-15 minutes and remove with water.

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