MANDELAC T 60 ml - pH 0.5

MANDELAC T 60 ml - pH 0.5

Uneven pigmentations  and blemishes.

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M andelac is a line of products formulated with m andelic acid, especially recommended for skins that are intolerant to other alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

M andelic acid, also known as amygdalic acid or 2-phenylglyoxylic acid, is an AHA derived from the hydrolysis of bitter almond extract.

It is commonly used for the treatment of photoaged skin, irregular pigmentation, non-cystic inflammatory acne, and to prepare the skin before and after laser resurfacing.

This line of products is suitable for sensitive skins. The relatively large molecule size of m andelic acid slows down the penetration through the stratum corneum, without causing itching or irritation.


20% Mandelic acid.

5% Thioglycolic acid.

2.5% Phytic acid.


- Light gel texture.

- Apply evenly over the whole area to be treated. Allow to act 6-12 minutes when used on face and 15-20 minutes when used    on other body areas.

- Remove with abundant water.

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