NOMELAN FENOL FD 60 ml - pH 0.5

NOMELAN FENOL FD 60 ml - pH 0.5

Dermal melasma. Patients sensitive to hydroquinone.

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Line of products intended to maintain the thickness of the stratum corneum and stimulate dermoepidermal cell turnover. Solutions for chemical peels with phenol, trichloroacetic acid, retinoic acid, and a mixture of hydroxy acids (glycolic, ascorbic, salicylic, and m andelic acid), as well as phytic acid.


- Non-buffered hydroalcoholic solution: pH 0.5

- Painless: no analgesics are needed during their use.

- The depth of the peel will depend on the number of coats applied.

- Maximum application per session: 5 ml.

- Results in 7 days: renewed, luminous skin with a homogeneous color and texture.

- There is no induction of hyper- or hypopigmentations.

- Number of treatments: 3 or 4 peels with 21 to 30-day intervals.


Trichloroacetic acid.

Kojic acid.

Diacetyl boldine.

Undecylenoyl phenylalanine.

Glycolic acid.

Salicylic acid.

Mandelic acid.

Phytic acid.


Hydroalcoholic base.


1. Cleanse and degrease the area and protect sensitive regions with Silkses moisturizing skin protector.

2. Apply Nomelan Fenol Light, Medium, FD or KH on the area to be treated by tapping and using gauze soaked with the solution. Apply evenly and quickly without rubbing.

- Spread the product until the earlobes and the forehead2, mm behind the hairline.

- Allow every coat to dry (around 2-3 minutes) before applying the next one.

- If necessary, apply Nomelan fenol fortefocally over the lesion (barcode lines, deep wrinkles, lentigines…) using gauze or a cotton swab soaked with the solution.

3. The number of coats will depend on skin type / thickness and the planned endpoint. The higher the number of coats applied, deeper will be the effect.

- In light skins (phototypes I-III), 2 to 4 coat are recommended.

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