Mesotherapy (face and body)

Mesotherapy treatment involves the intradermal injection of small amounts of different substances with variations depending on the problem to be treated: lipolytic, firming, revitalizing, anti-wrinkle...


Injections can be performed in two basic ways:

1. Manually

2. With assisted injection equipment (guns)


The gun used when injecting, provides advantages over manual injection, which depends upon a good injective technique:

1. standardizes the procedure, always injecting

- The exact amount (same dosses)

- To the appropriate depth

- At the same depth

2. Improved patient comfort (reducing pain to be a quick, short and precise shot)

This technique can be applied to facial and body level



One of the biggest advantages of mesotherapy is that it is a minimally invasive procedure. No local anesthesia is required neither general, so that risk is reduced. It is a painless technique, since it is a very superficial treatment and not much medication is injected. Besides it does not require long recovery times or specific post- treatment care (excluding the use of protective barriers applied after the procedure to prevent the risk of infection).

This is a focused treatment, i.e., applied specifically into the problem. It can be applied anywhere on the body except of the breasts.



Mesotherapy is a widespread field in Aesthetic medicine. In this field, its indications and its benefits are well defined. In this sense, the pathologies most frequently treated are fat deposits located ( inner thighs, back of thighs , buttocks , hips , abdomen , chin ... ) , cellulitis, facial mesotherapy (facial rejuvenation ) treatment against sagging skin ( breasts , buttocks , abdomen , thighs ... ) , stretch marks, spider veins ...



Side effects that may occur are usually related to the local rate and the injection technique and the managed assets:

Pain at the injection site (closely related to the type of needle used), local edema and erythema, small hematomas at the injection site, allergy, mechanical injuries (cuts by needles due to patient movement or little experience with technique, especially when we apply the technique nappage).

These side effects are usually mild to moderate and transient, resolving in 2-3 days.

Other important, but also rare providing basic aseptic principles, side effects can be the environmental mycobacterial skin infections. Infections may be prevented by using Hexidermol foam before and after injections.

After a session of mesotherapy sun exposure or exposure to extreme temperatures are not recommended. Avoid also saunas, gyms, swimming pools, tight clothing, waxing ...



There are different techniques of mesotherapy injection: point by point, nappage, epidermal mesotherapy, intradermal wheal

Selecting either technique is in function of:

1. Pathology to be treated.

2. objectives

3. Evolutionary stage of the disease itself

4. Professional expertise

When it comes to preventing the occurrence of side effects (mainly infections) is important to define an antiseptic skin protocol (Hexidermol foam with chlorhexidine and benzalkonium chloride), before, during and after treatment , protection of treated skin (using semi occlusive films applied in spray forming a semipermeable protective film ) and basic recommendations patient must follow.


In the case of cellulitis, after injections it is recommended to perform a draining manual massage to mobilize fat and thus dissolve it more quickly. At the end of each session is important to drink a lot of water in order to release toxins that are raised with the treatment.


Number of sessions required

Obviously depends on the pathology to be treated. For the particular case of cellulite, usually 6 sessions are required at monthly intervals, followed by 10 sessions at intervals of 15 days. We recommend maintenance sessions (one session per month for 1 year).


The Information contained on this page in no case intends to replace the information provided by your physician. If in doubt, your doctor will provide appropriate clarifications